About Us

Welcome to White Clouds in Carpatians and Burzenland (Tara Bârsei)!

Cozy and relaxing place to stop or stay situated 2 km from the Bran castle.

A family and friends 8 rooms villa, White clouds house is waiting to welcome guests from all over the world

“Nori Albi” has:

  • 8 rooms can accommodate 16 to 18 guests;
  • arbor for leisure activities (Ping Pong, Pool, etc);
  • rooms with bathrooms and cable television;
  • wireless internet;
  • parking;
  • pension is heated by a system of two power plants of 24 KW and 18 KW;
  • dining room;
  • Wii interactive games, backgammon, rummy, cards;
  • fully equipped kitchen and traditional Romanian cuisine;
  • barbecue arranged;
  • football field;
  • bicycles.